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2019 is AMAZING

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My Friends we already started this Season in Palm Beach, FL with so much work that we feel blessed and full of good energy:
PERFORMANCES Palm Beach Season 2019 (October 2018 to May 1st 2019):

Trevini Ristorante : Sunday's and Tuesday's     *Palm Beach            561 833 3883
Cafe Centro: Saturday's - by April our season there is over  
Islander Tiki Bar and Grill: Friday's                   *Singer Island           561 842 8282
Our Last Friday in THE ISLANDER is on July the 5th during this Summer 2019.
Please call to ensure our performance and to make your reservation.
We also signed a contract with Mar-a-lago for many performances through the 2019 season if you are a member please call reception for the dates that we are performing. We had the honor to perform during Thanksgiving for President Donald Trump at the gorgeous Grand Ballroom for his family and members of the club, what an amazing experience, he shake hands with Maycol when he finished singing "Memories"
Performing for Country Clubs have been exiting, we love meeting new people and make them sing and dance.
BORA BORA : we already signed a contract to perform in the Renown St. REGIS Hotel starting July the 16th  TILL  October the 13th  If you haven't been there, BELIEVE US you must do it! it's AMAZING! we will be happy to see you during our Season there :)
Please feel free to ask or call us for future events you might be interested. MUSIC is LIFE !!! we feel happy to make you happy.

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April and May in BORA BORA

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My friends this Winter season in Palm Beach has been exiting we performed in Our beautiful Trevini Ristorante in Palm Beach every Sunday and Tuesday (adorable moments there) and we started performing in CAFE CENTRO (WPB) since January every Saturday, the audience there really comes for eating and dancing at the same time and is really amazing and we love it. 
Now we are going to perform on APRIL and MAY in Hotel St. Regis Hotel Bora Bora and we feel exited as well. We wish you guys could book such a nice experience there Bora Bora is really another paradise dimension. 
Before Thanksgiving we received a text message saying that President Donald Trump is asking if you are available for that date "What a joyful Surprise" Performing in Mara-Lago for President Trump, his family and Friends was really exiting, lovely beings that we have loved through the years of many performances, smiles and care. As we say MUSIC is LIFE ! is going in all directions and we know that carries LOVE and good frequencies.  
Cant wait to start a new season in a near future to share magical music moments with you, we have always been using our slogan: MUSIC is LIFE!   
and we feel it every day of our lives, happy loved and healthy.
Thank you for all your love!!!!

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News for 2016

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We had so many beautiful experiences this fall of 2015, we went to South Hamptons, NY to perform and then we went to Marbella, Spain such a beautiful time with loving friends and as well great artists like Maryline Blackburn and Barry Ivan White, after then Barry produced the Show called "The Essence of the Platters" and MAYCOL along with Gregg Jackson, Elizabeth Ozuna, Gregory Popeye Alexander and Barry Ivan White performed in one of the most renown Theaters in MEXICO: El Lunario del Auditorio Nacional such a big production and had such a great success that they will be performing other venues that very soon we will let you know about it.

The season in Palm Beach, Florida started by the middle of November and SURPRISE!! we are very very happy to be back in TREVINI Ristorante again on Thursdays and Sundays.

Maralago is such a wonderful Place with beautiful people that loves good music, this is the 6th year that we have been performing every Saturday, Sometimes Mr. Donald Trump appears and give us his Thumbs Up   :) The season in Palm Beach is over by the end of April or Middle of May.

GOOD NEWs !! we are going back to: ST REGIS Hotel in BORA BORA...... YUPiiiiii  From the beginning of June till End of August 2016. Have you ever been there? is a UNIQUE place, such a wonderful experience, we love to be performing there for the Summer.

My Friends, MUSIC s is LIFE ! have been our slogan for 14 years, we feel it, seen it, experienced and share it and makes us happy to continue this wonderful mission of giving love through the music that we perform.




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NEWS for Summer 2015

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To all our Friends around the world:
Music has been our passport to have the opportunity to meet and share our music with you. Thank you for following us through different media site's like Facebook, YouTube and our website. 
Last year we successfully performed our Summer season in Cancun Mexico at the beautiful and renown  Hotel Le Blanc and also in Maroma at Pavoreal Restaurant. Another success was because Lilian's mother was in Maroma with us and healed from breast cancer just as Maycol succeed  as well 9 years ago with an alkaline diet, natural and organic methods. Thank GOD for that .
Our 2015 season in Palm Beach started from November till May performing for Mr. Donald Trump and VIP members in his amazing place "MARALAGO" 
During this year we have missed so much performing in Trevini Ristorante. Our reputation has been known for performing  there for almost 4 years.  Everything changes in this world and we just flow as artists normally do. We have been doing contracts with private country clubs in the area and private events and that's enough for keeping us busy with our performances. 
The NEWS is that for the 1st time we will perform at Hotel ST. Regis in BORA BORA during June, July and August 2015. Can't wait for that and we would love to see some of our friends there 
My friends many Blessings and remember that MUSIC is LIFE !!! 
Maycol and Lilian

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Maycol and Lilian this Summer

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My friends, the last 10 years on every summer we have been in Europe: Marbella in Spain, Algarve in Portugal and Cannes in France.
This Summer is going to be different and the reason is our love and dedication to the one that has giving life to Lilian: her mother!

Lilian's mother health issues will makes us stay in Cancun to give her love and knowing by faith that she will heal soon.
Cancun is a very special place for Us, we met there! and as well we have wonderful friends. We will be performing in venues that we had performed in the past. Thank you! the ones that had hire us and to the ones that come and share their love to us listening to this music that belongs to everybody. Music is Life!

We hope to see friends from everywhere why not? maybe is possible for you to come this summer to Cancun? yeah! that is a real dream for us!

Blessings and Stay happy,
Maycol and Lilian

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