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September in Cannes

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September is the 4th month during this summer season for us been performing in Cannes, Hotel Martinez is been visited by people we have seen in other summers before  it's wonderful, it's lovely!! to enjoy once again of those friends, enjoy once again those smiles!!. We have already 7 years coming every summer to Hotel Martinez in Cannes, we are very happy and even feel younger  looks like it's the first time and enjoyed every moment intensely. 

Soon we will return to Palm Beach, FL  our hearts are longing for seeing our beloved friends there and keep sharing the music that belongs to all of us. Thank you for your love, thank you for your friendship, thank you for been in our lives sharing those wonderful moments with music.

Stay Happy and Blessed !!!!

MAYCOL and LILIAN (performing actually in Cannes till end of Sept. 2013)


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