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From Palm Beach, FL

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Greetings from Palm Beach, FL … We Started this season here performing since October, 2013 and we will be here till May 2014, normally we are book in different places in Europe during the Summer, this time we are dealing with new options that soon we will let you know about.
Palm Beach have beautiful weather, great dining, gorgeous beach and interesting night life, like dining with live music like we offer when performing in Trevini (Italian Restaurant) or Mar-a-Lago (Mr. Donald Trump exclusive Club) every week. 
As well, we must say that we adore The Colony Hotel for the wonderful shows that they schedule with VIP entertainment for the season, Mr. Rob Russell is very talented and creative for planning such a wonderful list with super Top entertainers from USA. 
We have to add that Palm Beach has beautiful people, music lovers, most of them very knowledgeable in music and we love that challenge. It is motivating all the time. 
We love living and performing here, if you still don't know Palm Beach, FL it is a must see. Music is Life! 

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    Gracias Alfredo, saludos y mucho éxito en todo lo q hagas, bendiciones

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