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Maycol and Lilian this Summer

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My friends, the last 10 years on every summer we have been in Europe: Marbella in Spain, Algarve in Portugal and Cannes in France.
This Summer is going to be different and the reason is our love and dedication to the one that has giving life to Lilian: her mother!

Lilian's mother health issues will makes us stay in Cancun to give her love and knowing by faith that she will heal soon.
Cancun is a very special place for Us, we met there! and as well we have wonderful friends. We will be performing in venues that we had performed in the past. Thank you! the ones that had hire us and to the ones that come and share their love to us listening to this music that belongs to everybody. Music is Life!

We hope to see friends from everywhere why not? maybe is possible for you to come this summer to Cancun? yeah! that is a real dream for us!

Blessings and Stay happy,
Maycol and Lilian

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